USSR One of the largest countries in CTB2 the USSR is playable on many maps. Enter the conflict between the Soviet Union and the Finns or defend the motherland against the Fascist invaders! The USSR has five playable classes: Rifleman, Assault, Technician, Support, and Marksman. Along with two hero kits, Elite Soviet Sniper and NKVD officer.

Maps Some of the current playable maps involving the USSR are:

Volga Assault defend the Stalingrad against the Germans as they attempt to break through and capture the city. Germany has to move through the city. The tight corridors and alleys make it a great map for shorter range guns.

Grain Elevator the Germans attack the grain elevator in an attempt to flush out the troops stationed there. Will they succeed in their attempt or will you repel them? Germany has to capture all levels of the grain elevator. The elevator is generally tight and narrow making it hard to use longer range classes such as the rifleman or the marksman.

Stalingrad in this warzone map the Germans and Soviets fight for supremacy of Stalingrad. make your way through tight alleys and fight in brutal house-to-house combat. Stalingrad is a wide map and therefore there are many places where classes can excel or completely fail. Most of the map is tight with alleys and houses obstructing most of your view.