The Springfield M1903A3 was the primary service rifle of the U.S. at the start of WWII, but was widely replaced by the M1 Garand as the war went on. It was never completely phased out and still served alongside the M1 Garand for the remainder of WWII. It fires .30-06 Springfield and has a capacity of 5 rounds. A stripper clip can be used to load it much quicker. Being a bolt-action rifle, the recoil affects your aim much less.

In Arcade Mode, like all Bolt-Action rifles, headshots can kill in one hit.


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Attachments Edit

The Springfield M1903A3 has 3 attachments.

M1905 Bayonet: Edit

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This long bayonet was mostly used in the Pacific front, being replaced by the M1 Bayonet in the Western front, but still saw some use.

M1 Bayonet: Edit

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This shorter bayonet became standard issue for American infantry during the second half of the war. Though made for the Garand, tt was compatible and used with both the Springfield and M1 Garand

M1 Grenade Launcher: Edit

Not yet implemented in the mod